Mazak Spindle Repair

by Spindle Repair on October 26, 2012

Mazak Spindle RepairAtlanta Precision Sprindles specializes in the repair and rebuilding of Mazak Spindles.

Did your Mazak spindle fail prematurely after having it repaired? A major contributor to premature spindle failure is caused directly by the spindle repair process itself. You need to be very careful in selecting your spindle repair facility.

It is important that the spindle repair facility you choose to repair your Mazak Spindle, understands and recognizes the need for maintaining exacting tolerances, attention to detail and the necessity for controlling the proper cleanliness levels for all facets of the spindle repair process.

Especially critical is the prepping and Ultrasonic Cleaning of all components utilizing 3 micron “Absolute” filtration for all of the Cleaning Solvents, blowing off of parts with Compressed Air that is dried to a minimum dew point of -40 degree F and filtered with .08 Micron “Absolute Filtration” just prior to assembly. The assembly must be done in a Certified “Class 10,000 Clean Room” and when practical, in a “Certified Class 1,000 Laminar Flow Bench”.

Here is a video on our Spindle Inspection and Re-qualification process


Omlat Spindle Repair

by Spindle Repair on August 27, 2012

Omlat Spindle RepairAtlanta Precicion Spindles is your Omlat Spindle Repair Source.  Atlanta Precision spindles will repair your Omlat Spindle to factory condition or better.

Atlanta Precision Spindles offers State- of-the-Art facilities in precision spindle repairing and rebuilding. We offer a Certified Class 10,000 Cleanroom to ensure the optimum particle free environment which is key is to precision spindle repair – to restore your spindle to its original state.

Our repair Certification includes running your Spindle at its maximum rated speed and also at the speed that you historically run the Spindle. Our detailed Spectrum Analysis is performed utilizing the latest equipment and technology from Schenck Trebel, the world leader in balancing and diagnostic testing equipment for rotating assemblies. We have worked closely with Schenck for over twenty years and have been their Sales Representative for the past 10 years. We are continually looking for changes and advancements in Spindle testing technology.


Spindle Repair Video – Spindle Inspection

August 20, 2012

This video details the inspection and re qualification process. Tim is your guide and an expert in spindle repair. He gives specific detail on the process and how precise the spindle re qualification process is.

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Manufacturers Atlanta Precision Spindles Repairs

August 20, 2012

Atlanta Precision Spindles Repairs a Huge selection of spindles from spindle manufacturers. Even though this list is huge, it is just some of the spindles we repair. Please call 678-225-7855 to find out if we can repair your spindle. Authorized Spindle Repair Facility            Spindle Repair Specialty**         ANDERSON GILMAN LE BLOND MAKIN0 SEIKO [...]

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CNC Spindle Repair

February 27, 2011

Atlanta Precision Spindles offers the highest quality Spindle Repair Service on the market today. Since January 1994, we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our many years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best Spindle Repair Service in the [...]

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